Make Easy And High Passive Income By Copying Manualy Our "Scientific Trading Robot" Strategy Or By Copying A Third-Party Cryto Robot Strategy In Our Marketplace.

Welcome to the “Test & Earn Methodology” page ! We strongly recommend you read the page « Testing & Earning Trading » before continue reading this page. If you already read the page « Testing & Earning Trading » , you can continue to read this page.

This is your methodology step-by-step to start “Test & Earn” trading:

I)You need a device (phone or pc or desktop) with internet connexion

II)Register on Refonte Infini website by clicking here

III)Open an account on any crypto platform that has “copy trading” or “trading bots” features and deposit around 50$ in your account. If you don’t have 50$ and you want to make “Test & Earn” Trading, you can click here to claim your 100$ from Refonte Infini and start “Testing & Earning Trading” now !

IV)Dispatch your 50$ or your 100$ in around 10 “copy trading” bots and observe the result every days for around 10 days or 30 days. In other words, you need to divide your capital per 10 and put any peace in one “copy trading” bot and you monitor the result every day to see which bot is performing well. After 10 days or 30 days, you can now see the best “copy trading” bot.

V)Go on Refonte Infini website and submit the historical performance for the bot that you have chosen.

NB: To preserve your hard work of “testing and choosing the best bot, you will submit only the historical performance for the bot without the name for the crypto exchange and without the information about the bot itself. Refonte Infini will contact you and you will add the public key for your crypto exchange and your will start earn big money from Refonte Infini customers every month